What is Eduactional Therapy?
    Educational therapy supports individuals outside the clasroom environment. It seeks to create a positive learning experience for students who have learning difficulties or challenges.

    Who we are:
      Becca Higgins has worked with us at Chestnut Montessori since 2012. She is also an Educational Therapist who has completed her postgraduate course with UCR Riverside, California. She has a degree in Montessori Education and is a qualified Special Educational Needs teacher.
      Becca has spent time training as an Educational Therapist in San Diego, California. She is currently working with secondary school students in Loreto College, Crumlin.

      Who we help:
      We work with students of all ages who need academic assistance. We specailise in supporting students with the following differences
              Auditory and or sensory processing disorder
                Reading difficulties
                  Writing difficulties
                    Executive dysfunction
                      Expressive and receptive language delays
                        Limited study skills and disorganisation

                        What we do:
                        We primarily work one to one in the home setting but alternative settings can be arranged. We provide a unique individulised holistic academic support plan. We collaborate with the students, parents, teachers and allied professionals to create an intervention plan and set goals.
                        Our mission is to empower students to develop not only in key academic skills but to have a love for learning and confidence in the classroom and beyond.

                        If you wish to find out more or would like to arrange a consultation please call Becca: 085 7755146 or email educationaltherapy@chestnutdaycare.ie

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